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Here are some fine books written by friends:

Ernest Callenbach, Ecology: A Pocket Guide (University of California Press, 1998) --Chick is a former publisher, a film expert, and a writer; one of his earlier books is the well-known Ecotopia.

Kani Comstock (full disclosure: she's my sister), Journey Into Love: Ten Steps to Wholeness (with Marisa Thame, published by Willow Press, 2000) --A teacher in the Quadrinity Process, sponsored by the Hoffman Institute, Kani is also a life coach.

BC Crandall, Nanotechnology: Molecular Speculations on Global Abundance (MIT Press, 1996) --BC is organizing a major interactive web site.

John Felstiner, Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew (Yale University Press, 1995) --John is Professor of English and Jewish Studies at Stanford and author of earlier books about Pablo Neruda and Max Beerbohm.

Mary Lowenthal Felstiner, To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era (HarperCollins, 1994) --A professor of history at San Francisco State, Mary wrote this pioneering study of a woman who composed her autobiography in an extensive suite of paintings.

Chellis Glendinning, Off the Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy (Consortium, 2002) --A psychotherapist and political activist, Chellis lives in a village in New Mexico and wrote My Name is Chellis and I'm In Recovery from Western Civilization.

Jeff Golden, As If We Were Grownups: A Collection of "Suicidal" Political Speeches That Aren't (RiverWood Books, 2004) --Jeff hosts "Jefferson Exchange," the main public radio talk show in Northern California and southern Oregon, has written novels, and is a former elected official.

Bill Kauth, A Circle of Men (St. Martin's Press, 1992) -- Co-founder of the Mankind Project, Bill is a "social inventor," working to build social capital.

Ron Kurtz, Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method (LifeRhythm, 1990) --Ron is founder of the Hakomi school of psychotherapy and gives trainings in many countries.

Stuart Sovatsky, Eros, Consciousness and Kundalini (Park Street Press, 1999 --Besides work as a private psychotherapist, Stuart is President of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology and serves on the board of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Matt Wilkinson, Sun Is Shining, a play produced both in London and New York City and reviewed in The New York Times--A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Matt has written a second play, Red Sea Fish; written and directed a short film, Taking the Light; and adapted a play for the Young Vic.

Rupert Wilkinson, Aiding Students, Buying Students: Financial Aid in America (Vanderbilt University Press, 2005) --Rupert is a former Professor of American Studies at the University of Sussex in England, and has also written, for example, about the tough-guy tradition, authoritarian character, and alcohol policy.