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      Whether you are a first-time writer or an experienced author who wants to reach a new audience or do a different kind of book than you have written before, I can help you meet your goals and complete your project.

      As a book creation coach, I specialize in non-fiction books and have worked on projects in such areas as (auto)biography, business, gender issues, history, literature, nutrition, personal growth, psychology, sexuality, social issues, and spirituality. I enjoy working in new fields.

      We work in stages. A strong book proposal, with a few sample chapters, can elicit a publishing contract together with an advance on future royalties.

      The next stage is fulfilling the promise of the book proposal and producing a publishable manuscript.

      An introductory meeting or phone call is an opportunity for us to get acquainted and explore the kind of coaching that will benefit your project. If we want to work together, I will make a simple proposal saying what I will do and what it will cost. All of our work together can be accomplished by e-mail, fax, and phone.
      When convenient, I enjoy meeting clients in person near the start of a project. My home base is now Ashland, in southern Oregon. I often travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I lived and worked for many years. Further afield, I've had clients in Seattle, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Minneapolis, Boston, and London.