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      Articles by me on the following subjects have been published by Huffington Post (and in various cases have appeared also on Alternet, Amazon, Common Dreams, Countercurrents, EnergyBulletin, and HistoryNewsNetwork):
     Categories: ecology and energy, politics, military and foreign policy, drug policy, personal values

ecology and energy:

#05 the global crisis (a review of Bill McKibben, Eaarth)

#06 geoengineering (a review of Eli Kintisch, Hack the Planet)

#08 “The Other Half of the Geyser” (methane)

#16 “When the Market Fails” (with reference to Robert L. Hirsch, The Impending World Energy Mess)

#18 “Green Coal” (on James Fallows’ Atlantic article, “The Future of Clean Energy is Dirty Coal)

#24 "Inner Greening" (a review of Carolyn Baker, Navigating the Coming Chaos)

#26 “World on the Edge” (a review of Lester R. Brown’s book with this title)      

#29 “Where Elites Fail” (a report on Richard Heinberg’s commencement talk at Worcester Poly)

#36 “The Quest for Connection” (a review of Daniel Yergin, The Quest:: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World)      

#37 “Reinventing Fire: A Vision for Our Energy Future”(a review of the book by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute)      

#40 Strong Sustainability (largely on scenario planning done in NewZealand)


#02 “Citizen Diplomacy Where?” (Russia and beyond)

#03 transpartisanship

#07 campaign to use 10 percent less gas

#13 “Make Me Do It” (a dialogue on the “transformational leader)

#15 “What Kind of Jobs?” (on the “local jobs agenda” of a candidate for county commissioner)

#19 “The Transition Town Movement’s Initial Genius”

#21 "Will Our Species Survive Another Century?" (a thought-experiment      

#23 "Hunger for Change" (on the relation between revolt and the fraction of average household consumption spent on food)      

#27 “After the American Dream” (on inequality, with reference to a paper by Norton & Ariely)      

#31 “How Change Happened” (a review of Adam Hochschild, To End All Wars)      

#34 “In God We Trust; All Others, Bring Data!” (about misleading or absent statistics about levels of fighters abroad, money supply, unemployment, and oil reserves)      

#35 “Models for a Movement” (about the differences between past issues and global warming)

military and foreign policy:

#09 “A Nuclear Secret”

#10 “Causing What It’s Meant to Prevent”

#14 “Out of Almost Everywhere?” (a review of anti-empire writers associated with TomDispatch)

#30 “Tough” (a review of Frederick Kempe, Berlin, 1961)

drug policy:

#01 “Questions Coming Back to Life” (a review of books about the Sixties)

#04 the 2010 conference of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies

#12 “80% of Post-Traumatic Stress Sufferers Lost Symptoms After Taking Ecstasy--Study’s Results...”

#32 “The Nutritional Cost of Birth Control Pills” (based on TV interview with nutritionist Ross Pelton) (see author’s comments)      

#39 “Guided Psychedelic Sessions” (a review of Jim Fadiman, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide)

personal values:

#11 “Are We Happy Yet?”

#17 “A Buddhist Vision of Life Beyond Consumerism”

#20 "Eat on the Street" (a review of David Thompson, Thai Street Food)

#22 "Remembering a Buddhist Psychotherapy Pioneer" (on Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi therapy)

#25 "The Art of Making Science Dance" (a portfolio of photos, on the relationship between art and science)      

#28 “Welcoming Warriors Home: The Film” (directed by Kim Shelton, produced by Bill McMillan)      

#33 “A Life Told in Paint” (the Charlotte Salomon exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco)

#38 “A Feminist Treasure” (on Julienna Travers’ unpublished book, “the serpent & the storm god”)

#41 The Making of a Teacher (a review of Keith Martin-Smith’s biography of Zen Master JunPo Denis Kelly Roshi)