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      I began my writing career as a reporter for The Harvard Crimson. Along with being read by an intelligent university audience, I benefitted from regular critiques written by other members of the staff in a ledger next to each day’s articles. As a junior, I was elected Executive Editor, in charge of long articles called features. The college dean, John U. Monro, asked me as a senior to assist him in a freshman seminar on “expository prose.”

      After I wrote a rather pointed critique of Time magazine, its chief of correspondents invited me to serve first in Chicago, then in New York City.

      As a free-lance writer, I have contributed to Esquire, The New Republic,The Oakland Tribune (my hometown paper at the time), Utne Reader and World Monitor (the magazine of The Christian Science Monitor). While working on "citizen diplomacy," I did an article for Komsomolskaya Pravda during the Gorbachev era.

      With a partner in each case, I edited and contributed to several books:

      Sanctions for Evil: Sources of Social Destructiveness (with psychologist and educator Nevitt Sanford; published by Beacon Press),

      Faculty Development in a Time of Retrenchment (on behalf of the Group for Human Development in Higher Education; published by Change Magazine Press)

  A pair of books called
Citizen Summitry:
Keeping the Peace When It Matters Too Much
to be Left to Politicians
Securing Our Planet:
How to Succeed When Threats Are Too Risky
and There's Really No Defense

(both with entrepreneur Don Carlson;
published by Jeremy Tarcher, Inc./St. Martin's Press).

      Apart from being a book creation coach, I have co-directed the William James Center on Adult Development at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, and served as director of The Ark Foundation and the Ark Communications Institute, also located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      In part of my spare time I paint. For a selection of my art click here.