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      Craig Comstock is host and editor of a weekly TV show called “Like, wow!” It is cablecast on channel 15 in southern Oregon and accessible also globally on the Internet. The focus of the show is "people and activities that arouse awe or admiration." Each of the episodes is a half-hour long, and the series is being rebroadcast (see note on how to view the show, below). All of the following guests are from the Rogue Valley, except as noted.

Here are the episodes so far:

#01 Therapy for Healthy People (interview with Ron Kurtz, founder of the Hakomi school of psychotherapy)

#02 Way to Go: the Hospice Movement (visit to a client, Grace, with nurse

#03 Visits to Kabul: the Art of Peacemaking (interviews with Selene Aitken and Ellen Craine, both former directors of Peace House, both travelers to Afghanistan) 

#04 Four Who Grow Food (visits to community and teaching gardens, and interviews with their managers: Bert Harris, Brian Holley, Scott McGuire, and Eric Sandrock)

#05 Tilling Our Own Soil (interviews with people who encourage local food gardeners: Ron Bombick, Lisa Pavati, McGuire again, and Stuart Trivers)

#06 Genes and the Science of Complexity (interview with Professor David Oline of the Biology Department at Southern Oregon University: see also #09)

#07 Dance Your Heart Out (visits to classes and events plus interviews with teachers and an organizer: Robin Bryant, Diane Horbacewicz, Rachael Resch)

#08 Tell Me a Story (an Italian folk tale illustrated by Shoshanah Dubiner (see also #13), a memoir passage written and read by John Fisher-Smith, and improvisation by two of the Hamazons, a comedy group: Kyndra Laughrey and Cil Stengel)

#09 Life at Other Scales (microscope photographs plus interview with Professor Oline)

#10 Fire from the Earth (a hike in and other visits to Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, and also to a new geology park in Ashland)

#11 Building Community (interview with Bill Kauth, co-founder of The Mankind Project)

#12 Chefs at Work (visits to the restaurant kitchens of, and interviews with, three Ashland chefs: Niel Clooney, John Hinkle, and Wil Shine)

#13 Painting Inspired by Science (a richly illustrated talk by the artist Shoshanah Dubiner, based on an invited paper at the annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Pacific Division)

#14 The Long Descent (a conversation with John Michael Greer, author of the recently published book with this title)

#15 A Photographer’s Eye (with David Lorenz Winston, illustrated with his photographs)

#16 Sight and Insight (with John Wimberley, illustrated with his photographs)

#17 Working with a Spiritual Teacher (with John Kain, author of A Rare and Precious Thing)

#18 ReGeneration (with Dominic Allamano, founder of the project called ReGeneration)

#19 Transition Town (with Jim McGinnis, member of the local start-up group for Transition Towns)

#20 Young Local Farmers: part one (with Dr. Christopher Daugherty, farmer, plus a short video about prize trees)

#21 Young Local Farmers: part two (with Christopher Jagger of Blue Fox Farm in the Applegate)

#22 Right Here Right Now (with teacher Joan Tollifson, author of Bare-Bones Meditation and Awake in the Heartland)

#23 Mentoring Boys (with Pete Young and Keb Bales of Boys to Men, including an excerpt from the film, ”Journeyman”)

#24 Mentoring in the Rose Circle (with Leslie Lanes and Cara Walsh, with their colleague Renee Riley-Adams and with students Ella Riley-Adams and Elizabeth Westmoreland)

#25 Mediation Works* (with staff member Ginger Rilling, plus a short video about Earth Day)

#26 Traveling Man* (with world traveler Steven Marshank, with photographs)*

#27 An Elder (with Dot Fisher-Smith, artist, elder, social activist, with images of her recent art, plus a poem by Derek Pyle)

#28 A Fine Farewell (with Marian Spadone, artist and initiator of the Natural Death Care Circle of Ashland, and with video of a mock enshroudment; now in Portland, OR)

#29 Heart Circles* (with Tej Steiner, author of Heart Circles: How Sitting in Circle Can Transform Your World)

#30 A Celebration of Extraordinary People (a medley of moments from the more recent half of episodes of “Like Wow”)

#31 Welcome Home Project* (with Bill McMillan and with video of the workshop and public meeting organized by him and his wife for veterans and the local community)

#32 Vets Come Home* (with Bill McMillan, continued from episode #31, and briefly with John Fisher-Smith)

#33 The Gift Community (with Will Wilkinson)

#34 Jumping Ahead and Looking Back at the Future (with Zoe Alowan playing a hundred-year-old woman, and with John Michael Greer, author of The Long Descent, plus a short video and painting by Shoshanah Dubiner)

#35 Visionaries (with BC Crandall, founder of Space Wealth in the Bay Area, CA, and with Pepper Trail, naturalist and author of “Earth Precepts”)

#36 Ashland Art Center (with Denise Baxter, executive director, plus short of “Like Wow” party)

#37 Food As Medicine* (with Lindsay Jones, nutritionist)

#38 Exile Nation (with Charles Shaw, author of a book of the same title; in Orinda, CA)

#39 The Yoga of Loving (with Charles Muir)

#40 Sexual Healing (with Leah Alchin and Charles Muir, teachers of tantric yoga; in Santa Cruz, CA)

#41 Big Island Sustainability (with Gerry Herbert and with Nancy Redfeather, director of the Kohala Institute; in Hawaii)

#42 Transpartisanship (with Joseph McCormick, founder of the Transpartisan Alliance; in Seattle, WA)

#43 A Celebration of the Big Island (with photos by Kani Comstock and Shoshanah Dubiner and music by John Keawe; in Hawaii)

#44 Something More (with Christian Damek, teacher of yoga, bodyworker)

#45 Psychedelic Science (with Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and Bob Jesse ; in San Jose, CA)

#46 Spiritual Practices (with Bob Jesse, founder of the Council on Spiritual Practices ; in San Jose, CA)

#47 Passion at the Root (with Stuart Sovatsky, yogi, psychotherapist, author, “green developer”; in the Bay Area, CA)

#48 Social Capital (with Zoe Alowan, artist, and Bill Kauth, co-founder of the Mankind Project)

#49 Architectural Creativity (with Carlos Delgado, architect)

#50 Matter Gone Wild (with Shoshanah Dubiner, painter)

#51 Soul of a Citizen (with Paul Loeb, writer and activist; in Seattle, WA)

#52 Initiation and Story-telling (with Elias Alexander, story-teller, graduate of Boys to Men group)

#53 Moral Ground (with Kathleen Dean Moore and Cindy Williams, of a project on responses to global climate disruption)

#54 Lord of the Dance (with major excerpts from Rick Kohn’s film of "Mani Rimdu," a Tibetan Buddhist ritual in Nepal)

#55 Rogue Valley China Connection (with Irene Kai and David Wick)

#56 Transformation Arts (with Michael Vasquez, teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi)

#57 The Gift Community (with Jack Leishman, founder of The Giving Tree)

#58 Nutrition (with Ross Pelton, nutritionist and radio commentator) http://vimeo.com/channels/168803#23125660

#59 Banks as Public Utilities* (with Ellen Brown, author of The Web of Debt (Bay Area, CA)

#60 The Gift of Connectivity (with Sergio Lub, founder of Favors.org, Bay Area, CA)

#61 Self-Inquiry at the Ron Kurtz Center (with Marina McDonald, Director)

#62 Restorative Justice* (with Alan Gale and Cara Walsh, a coach at and the director of the Restorative Justice program of Mediation Works, Medford) http://vimeo.com/channels/168803#29692165

#63 The Mankind Project* (with Bill Kauth, co-founder) http://vimeo.com/channels/168803#29621938

#64 Baby Bonding for Dads (with James Di Properzio, co-author of a book of this title) http://vimeo.com/38052779           

#65 Women in the Global Community (with Louis Pare, teacher of a course of this title at SOU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, or OLLI http://vimeo.com/38135441           

#66 Winning at Aging* (with John Kalb, author of a book of this title)        

#67 Occupy* (with Wendell Fitzgerald & Evan Lasley)

*episode has an "end piece" by John Fisher-Smith (#25, 26, 29, 31, 32, 37, 56, 59, 62, 63, 66, and 67)


About half the episodes are archived on the “Like Wow!” channel of Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/channels/168803

“Like, Wow!” is cablecast once a week on channel 15, at a time announced on www.roguetv.org, in the schedule for public access. The show can also be seen on the internet at the same time it is cablecast, by going to www.roguetv.org and clicking on channel 15.