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Paul Rogat Loeb, in The Impossible Will Take a Little While: a Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear (Basic Books):

"I've known Craig for fifteen years, and always respected his inventiveness and skill. (Among his accomplishments: as a college student he came up with the idea that became the Peace Corps; to help end the Cold War, he pioneered US-Soviet citizen diplomacy including satellite bridges; he's co-edited three excellent books of his own.) I brought Craig in to help me edit down some of the wonderful pieces I'd assembled. He did a great job and our working relationship became more of a collaboration. Not only did he help ensure that every excerpt spoke most powerfully to the purpose of this book, he also helped me brainstorm on the mix, balance, shape and sequence, giving wonderful input in every possible area. I'd recommend Craig to anyone as an exemplary book editor/coach."

Margot Anand, in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy (Tarcher/Penguin):

"My thanks to Craig Comstock for helping me get started through his patient and enthusiastic support, his coaching and editorial supervision of the first stage of the book."

John Fisher-Smith, author of Opening my Eyes (Old Fool Press):

“Craig's help is invaluable. Meeting with him is always a joy. Craig is always bubbling with life and mirth, always full of ideas. We brainstorm together freely and joyfully. On paper Craig offers incisive and quick editing and gives rapid turnaround response when we are working on something together by email--I like that. When he edits, he trusts me to work it through, leaving me free to run with the outcome. Craig has a quick mind and a positive way of seeing the world. He always seems to have a successful outcome in mind, as if it were a foregone conclusion. He sees one's 'greatness' when (this) one is blind to it, and that inspires me to work harder.”

Bob Hoffman, in No One Is To Blame (Science and Behavior Books, Inc.), originator of the Quadrinity Process, recently given at Harvard’s Kennedy School:

“In creating this new book, I have worked closely with Craig Comstock, a writer and editorial consultant who, since graduating from the Quadrinity Process in 1985, has returned to observe it with care, sensitivity, and deep understanding.... As my editorial collaborator on [the revised edition of] No One Is To Blame, Craig has assisted me in presenting my own vision of the Quadrinity Process and especially in translating my idiosyncratic "voice" into the written word.Craig has also advised me on ways to share parts of the Quadrinity Process with readers as directly as possible, while keeping clear the difference between reading about it and taking part in it. I do not know anyone who could have done a better job of helping me to explain my life's work.”

Vicki Robin, author of Feel Free (now under contract to Harper/SanFrancisco):

“Craig's attentive listening pulled out of me the clear intent, message and structure of my book.  His vast knowledge on my subject enhanced the depth and accuracy of the book.  He was always gentle and responsive and astute in giving me feedback on chapters as I produced them.  And he was a good cheerleader for the importance of my project -- so essential when I hit (every other day) those dark doubts that crop up about both concept and execution.”

Norman Solomon, in War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (John Wiley & Sons):

"Craig Comstock's editing help was invaluable. On a short deadline, he asked pointed questions and came up with many suggestions of various shapes and sizes -- all worth considering -- the kind of editorial assistance that can help pull an author out of tunnel vision while working on a manuscript."

Sandra Ingerman, in Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self Through Shamanic Practice (Harper/San Francisco):

"Craig continued working as a 'literary soul retriever,' helping me find the essence of the book. Craig also was invaluable in writing the book proposal."

Ralph Metzner, in The Well of Remembrance (Shambhala Publications):

"Craig Comstock provided extremely helpful counsel at the beginning of the project, particularly concerning the difficult issues involved in presenting the appropriate historical and political context for a book on German mythology."

Vicki Noble (one of my first clients), in Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art and Tarot (Harper/San Francisco):

"Heartfelt gratitude flows out to my editing partner Craig Comstock who, in the most matri-archetypal way, 'fathered' this book. That is, he fertilized it with his ideas and energy, then shared with me the delivery of it into the world."

Nevitt Sanford, in Learning After College (Montaigne Press):

"A broadly interdisciplinary scholar after my own heart, and one who is more familiar with my work than anyone I know, [Craig] has been the kind of intellectual companion with whom one could test half-formed ideas. He has been a stern but charitable critic, restraining or encouraging as the occasion required."

Dr. John Kalb, author of Steamed Greens for the Spirit (Grey Wolf Publishing):

"I am extremely grateful for all Craig's help and support throughout the entire process of creating my book. He is indeed the master mentor I needed. Each round of feedback and coaching from him moved me light years ahead."

Tej Steiner, author of Heart Circles: Waking Up With Everyone Around Us (Interactive Media Publishing):

"If you are looking for an editor to do the on the ground job of dotting all your i's and crossing your t's, Craig is not your man. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone who can fly way, way up into rarified air so that you can see what changes are needed in your work overall, he's the perfect person for you. From this bird's eye view he can point out a subtle shift here and a major change there, all with this understated, gentle suggestive way he has about him. It worked for me! Thanks, Craig!"